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Our full-service gunsmith shop features multiple skilled gunsmiths with several years' experience. All gunsmiths have graduated from Colorado School of Trades, one of the top gunsmith schools in the country. Their expertise fully utilizes the tools available, including a lathe, mill, and welder, to take on whatever repairs are needed. From new pistols to old revolvers, old bolt action rifles to new AR-15s, old Sears & Roebuck shotguns to new Caesar Guerinis, we have you covered! 

In addition to the necessary hand tools, our gunsmiths have a machine shop complete with a lathe, mill, and welder. This allows our skilled staff to complete more involved jobs, such as threading barrels, optic cuts on slides, and pin & welds. Stop by or contact us below to see how we can help you! 


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Pistol Sights

Want to swap your stock sights to new tritium or fiber optic? It can be tricky, but we can typically complete the job while you wait. 

Action Polish

Revolvers and certain handguns, rifles, and shotguns' triggers improve tremendously when we rework them! No need for a new trigger, and typically cheaper than one. 

Scope Mount

Make sure your scope is square, tightened down to manufacturer specifications, and boresighted before you waste ammunition trying to zero it! We can typically complete this while you wait. 

Stock Repair

As wood ages, it changes slightly, which can cause cracks in a stock. Don't wait! These cracks need to be repaired before your stock breaks further, potentially harming the shooter. 

Looking to Sell?

If you come across a gun you just don't shoot anymore, or are looking to trade in for something new, come to our gunsmith shop to give you a value!


Customized AR

Allow us to take your off-the-wall AR-15 or AR-10 and make it truly yours. From swapping furniture to optics to barrels and muzzle devices, allow us to take what you like and turn it into your dream rifle. 

General Repair

Something not working quite right? Whether it's brand new or decades old, our skilled gunsmiths can help breathe new life into your firearm. 

Full Restoration

Have an older gun that's seen better days? Want to get it restored to its former glory? We can help! Whether you want it brought back to new or to gently aged, we are up to the task. 

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