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About Us

All-American Gunslingers

We are here to accomodate all of your shooting sports needs. Founded in 2023, the four of us came together with one simple mission: to provide a complete and comfortable environment for firearms enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Every day we strive for a positive and welcoming environment. 

The Owners

Sarek Goldsmith is a Florida native who has nearly a decade of customer service and managerial experience. His focus is ensuring you purchase the right gun for you, and enjoy the experience. 

Joe Bitz is a former Marine, instructing new recruits on Parris Island's rifle range. His focus is making sure your training is as effective as it is pleasant. 

Raymond Kraus, also a former Marine, and has travelled across the country for nearly a decade,
working in different aspects of the industry. He ensures that the range operates in a seamless and
safe manner. 

Cody Klein, originally from Colorado, has over half a decade in the industry, with several years in a professional gunsmith shop. His task is to ensure all firearms are repaired properly and in working condition, making sure you are pleased with both the repair and the service. 




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